• Evaluating the Existing Conditions of the Pond
  • Assessing Previous Pond Management History
  • Formulating a Pond Management Plan
  • Pond Fertilization and Lime Program
  • Weed and Algae Control
  • Predator Control
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Pond Accessibility
  • Installation and Operation of Fish Feeders
  • Fish Stocking  

We provide pond consulting and management services such as evaluation of existing pond conditions, assessing previous pond management practices, formulating pond management plans specific to your pond’s characteristics, instituting pond fertilization and lime programs, performing weed and algae control, stocking fish, and installing feeders.

Pond management starts at the beginning of the aquatic growing season in March and ends in October.  Management promotes the best environment possible for your fish to grow to their upmost potential.

Pond Management is a long term and continuous process, but the benefits are worth the wait.